In this game, you need to earn as much money as possible.

After you have entered your name, you will see the main window:


The game begins in 1978 as you can read in the date frame. You have got the money from your childhood economies as a starting capital. You'll have to start unemployed.

Description of the buttons:

If you click Info , you'll learn about your IQ. The tolerance of your estimated life time is 10 years. Studies are available only once a year.

Education brings up the option to study. This will increase your IQ. With at least 80, you're allowed to finish high school and later to achieve titles like doctor and professor. A driving license might as well be a benefit.

Professions lets you choose one out of 10 profession. The holiday job is always available, whereas all other jobs have conditions like high school to become teacher or professor a teach at universities.

Buy 'n sell lets you deal with cars, immobiles, ships and PCs. Just enter the thing you'd like to purchase or sell. This will effect in newspaper announcements which cost 5$ each per week. Just wait and act when your chance is there. Prices are never fixed. To get certain jobs, you'll need certain things: e.g. a manager needs a computer (nevermind which one!).

By clicking Bank you can make saving bonds, debts and take part at stock exchange. You'll have 5% interest rate at the end of the year for your saving bonds. Loaning contracts work like that: you enter the amount of money that you'd like to have at the end (without interests) and the time you want to wait for it. This is enough to calculate a monthly fee which is to be paid part by part daily (eg. for 400000$ in 10 years it makes 3333$ a month. The bank pays an extra 5%; that means you have 522.392$ at the end which is enough to buy a house that fulfills the requirements of a scientist.

Stock exchange is a part of its own. Buy shares and wait until they become more valuable before you sell them again. Or take part in (more or less successful) funds which will do this work for you.

State informs you about tax rates, tax free income and the resulting taxes. You might as well change the currency for the game.

Urlaub gives you the chance to relax from your hard work and to increase your health status.

For those who like to have anything tax free, there is the window "Illegal", where you can invest money in criminal activities or bribe a poor officer.

Gambling lets you play Lotto: 7 out of 49, Game 77, Super6 plus 2 card games: Draw Aces and Black Jack.

The Family Window enables you to marry your (girl-)friend. Except of the costs for marrying, the two cars and the house, a marriage saves lots of money which would otherwise be spent in taxes.

If you don't know what to do, use the Adviser. It will give you hints for any situation.

No need to explain the Pause button.

To save and load, use the Options dialogue. Additionally, you can configure game speed, disable the stock exchange dialogues. To have a more detailed summary of your money flow, just check the box. How often would you like to read the newspaper? Type it.

How does the newspaper work ?

There is one newspaper for each week. In the Options dialogue, you can specify the ones that you'd like to get. The newspaper's price is about 1,50$. At the left, there's a pun (WASWEISSICH WAS DA IM ENGLISCHEN REINKOMMT???) , some space for advertisements and finally the Lotto results. You can read announcements at the right (see Buy n sell). The newspaper is mainly to entertain.

What does that mean, inflation?

Everything is getting more and more expensive (not only in the game...). Inflation of 3% means: everthing has become 3% more expensive. For your gameplay it means you should invest your money as soon as possible; their value increases as well.

What does that mean, skill level?

Easy: No inflation, about 15000$ starting capital

Normal: Low inflation, about 1500$ starting capital

Hard: normal inflation, about 1500$ starting capital

Try the easy skill level first, but you'll see it gets a whole lot funnier when you need to face with inflation and don't have that kind of financail backup.

How do the mysteroius funds work?

The biggest amount of money can be earned at the stock exchange. There are 10 funds. The first one is your private fund. The bank, the state, the Lotto Enterprise and 6 more are the rest. All bank charges are accumulated in the bank fund. This one also pays the interests and gives credits to any other fund. The state fund or tax fund grows by your taxes, the poor Lotto fund pays your prizes. A fund invests its money in stocks, hoping their value will increase. If it decreases instead, the fund will sell. In the case the fund hasn't got any money left, the bank loans some. You may participate in the 6 normal funds which will, of course, increase its wealth. Hopefully the fund makes much money, but it could as well go bankrupt at the next crash.

File layout:

Because of the growing amount of features, it has been impossible to make new versions compatible to the new ones since the first update. Sorry for that, but no downward compatiblity so far. BUT: we developed a new savegame layout which will allow compatiblity for any coming 3.x version.


I'd like to stress the increased amount of RAM needed - it's because of all the new pics (especially Windows which uses the BMP file type - this is, compared to the PICT file type, an unflexible file).

If this program (Mac version) crashes too often, this is probably caused by too few RAM. Adjust the RAM assignment for the application to a higher value.

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